Beneath Autumn Sky – Renewed LP & 7″ / Digital AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!


**Check out “Morning Tea”**

**Check out “Ticks and Other Sums”**

Please visit our Organik Recordings Bandcamp page to listen to and purchase the Vinyl LP + bonus 7″ and/or Digital of Beneath Autumn Sky’s “Renewed” Album!

Beneath Autumn Sky’s first full length effort, “Enki Dus Mono” was released on Hefty Records in 2001 to much acclaim and comparison to Prefuse 73’s – Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives also released in 2001. The little known and limited LP release was shortly followed up by a couple remixes and b-sides on Hefty.

With the duo completely eclipsed until 2006, Organik Recordings located producers Smaze on a menonite farm in Illimois & Zane3 in Florida! 2007 marked the short return by Beneath Autumn Sky in the form of a 7” titled “Peace Now” b/w “Attention All Deficits”, only to be quickly re-eclipsed when the label was almost sued by another label. The 7” was pulled from distribution and disappeared, as did the duo. The 7” release was also the pre-cursor to the shelved complete & mastered album “Renewed” LP.

While Beneath Autumn Sky releases tend to be more gritty and rough, “Renewed” is just that gritty and rough withstanding the test of time! Still intune and ontime to the sound progression of the ever iluminating future beat movement we’ve all grown to love and found among chopshop class members Prefuse 73, Flying Lotus, Dabrye, Dibiase, Lazer Sword et al.

2012 unearths the 10 tracks of the electronic boom bap glitch hop beat duo’s sophomore release “Renewed” on vinyl LP and in digital format.

**Limited to a strict 280 unit pressing each vinyl LP is enclosed with an original copy of the discontinued 7”.**


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