Jon Kennedy “14” ALBUM RESPONSE~


Marc Mac ( 4 hero )
“Finally had a chance to check out the album after spending a few days just admiring the white vinyl pressing. A nice genre defying journey with plenty of beats for the club DJ”
Mark B (Mark B & Blade)
“Jon Kennedy once again goes from strength to strength with this new long player, Spellbound you will be..”

Netxmen ( Brad )
“Jon Kennedy’s new album is full of tasty treats.. Nice organic production with a modern twist.. Fruity..”

Tal M Klein
“Jon Kennedy delivers a cohesive album of perfect hip hop fusion, evocative of Soul Coughing’s El Oso.”
Stephanie Ceccaldi
Grace and rich sounds in my headphones right now.That is an inspired and deep album.
Jon Kennedy, you deliver what i need. Good Music man.”You’re My Millions”, “I Feel The Weight”, “Tug Boat” are the ones taking me higher. Thank you!
DJ Static ( wefunk radio )
“This latest outting by Jon Kennedy and friends mixes live instruments, DJ cuts, and soulful vocals for a eclectric, mostly downtempo trip that is at times evocative, at times funky.
Will definately give it radio spins”



Pete Lawrence ( chilled by nature )
“The Sound Of Sunshine!”

“Really dope album great drums, mint production….Theres alot of differnt steez on here too.. stuff, id drop in the club, stuff id bump in the whip and stuff id burn trees to on a hideous comedown. Dont sleep on the mancunian fire drums!!”
Awkward (Vertebrae/B Boy Convention)
“Jon Kennedy ups his game with some nice intricate compositions,this time more musically rounded and sounding all the better for it.”

 Mr Thing
“very good sir, really liking the second cut “Spellbound” and the “Snakebite Chaser” track with beanz cheeky cuts in!
and you wear lovely sneakers …”

 DJ Qool Marv
“Your album is phenomenal…you’ll see it in the mix..”
DJ Cheeba ( solid steel / detectives of perspective )
“jon dear chap… the record is fantasic! In an era where everyone is sharing music for free, jon kennedy reminds us why we love vinyl! Incredible artwork, gatefold sleeve with white vinyl that plays on 45. The tracks span everything we’ve come to love in Jon’s music.. soulful, funky, heavy drum breaks and all the elements that make a feel good record. Classy stuff that will certainly be a regular feature in my future shows.”
Aldo Vanucci ( recording artist / various press )
“Previous albums have set a high standard for him to follow, and thankfully he’s smashed those and then some.”
Richie Phoe ( recording artists )
“dope beats, heavy production and some serious featured artists, all laid down on some snazzy white vinyl”
 Mayor Of Stockport
“he’s so good, we want him back”
Cut La Roc
“Jon comes correct with essential Sunday morning/After the dance vibes, deep and sometimes twisted, very interesting listening!”
DJ Bodoo (FPT, Hungary )
“Keeping his genuine style, tin drummer Jon Kennedy’s 14″ is a soulful landmark in today’s ruthless music biz. A true and living example how can one be true to himself and keep it real with the guidance of beats, breaks, soul & bass, rock & roll.Now on exclusive double white vinyl for the true sound and full experience.”


Earl Zinger
“You always knew Jon Kennedy had the fridge full but now he’s come to the picnic with the sandwiches properly stacked,big people music.!!”



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