Frameworks 7 inch ORG7007 – Fold b/w Midnight & First Step Limited Edition Four Seasons Series: Summer. 150 hand numbered translucent orange vinyl with hand stenciled center labels, silk screened 7″ fold in a poly sleeve.


SUMMER ORGFS7007 – Frame Works – Fold b/w Midnight & First Step – 150 hand numbered translucent orange vinyl with hand stenciled center labels, silk screened 7″ fold in a poly sleeve.

frameworks,Organik Recordings

9$ – Shipping included in the US
13$ – International shipping included

Matthew Brewer also known as Frameworks from Manchester comes armed with a record player and a few instruments to lay most of the ideas down for his new 7” before calling upon various musicians to fill in the gaps. The final mixes where done at studio Nyne near ….Manchester…. with Gareth Metcalf. Frameworks is live musicians recorded live, sampled then sequenced over the drum sampling of Matthew himself building graceful and eloquent productions. As a drummer Matthew tends to spend a lot of time on the drum sounds to get the right frame to his musical work. Pure cinematic down-tempo boom bap production at its finest, reminiscent of Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra, J Rawls’ Liquid Crystal Project, Tosca, Fourtet, Jon Kennedy.



Side A: 1. Fold


Fold is based around a jazzy piano and drum sequence setting a mellow ambiance. A more somber feel sets in with the introduction of stings and Vocal harmonies on the chorus. Kelly’s vocals suit the song perfectly and certainly takes it to another level. The eventual crescendo brings more string and vocal parts giving the track the finish it deserves.


Side B: 1. First Step


This particular song employs a larger array of samples and live instrumentation. I wanted this track to move about a bit with different instruments being introduced throughout. It’s got a bit of a Bonobo feel to it which I like. Again a downtempo track with some real nice sounding double bass and percussion.


Side B: 2. Midnight and Everything After


An instrumental track creating a cinematic landscape. I’ve always had a real passion for strings and really wanted them to come through on this track. Whilst in London I was lucky enough to come across an amazing string quartet that performed on Midnight. As a whole I find the track really organic and emotive.


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