Welcome to the NEW Organik Recordings, LLC Blog/site/spot

And we’re back after a short hiatus and internal restructure, the entity arises, bigger, stronger, smarter and more focused than ever.

First off, we are about to release the long, long and I mean long overdue 7″ single by none other than the UK’s own JON KENNEDY formerly on Grand Central/Tru Thoughts, Jon has graced Organik with his enlisting for a brand new full 2LP/CD/Digital DropCards titled “14”. Organik Recordings is dedicated to this new relation and massive talent this fine english gent represents! In the meantime look out for his 7″ single ORG7005 with the opening track “Live Test” b/w a Remix of “Demons” by dubsteppa TIM SMITH worldwide! Soon come sit tight…….

In other news, K-Kruz is finishing his yet untitled full length 2LP/CD/Digital DropCards.

To hold you over till then go out and buy the long awaited full length from former Organik Recordings artist Mr Bambu “Complete Contemplation” out now worldwide on LP/CD/Digital Dropcards!


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the NEW Organik Recordings, LLC Blog/site/spot

  1. there’s a fair few dj’s down here in brighton that will be jumping on Jon Kennedy’s new lp and i can only apologise to all of them in advance for buying all the stock myself MWUHAHAHAHA

  2. Hey man,

    Hope your well?

    Been looking foward to hearing some more of your beautiful beats and melodies a long time, just aswell it’s a long player!!
    Can’t wait.
    Would be lovely to see you down Brighton way sometime again soon.
    Regards, Tim Mercer.

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